What: T.R.I.A.D. Three Races In A Day – at The Compound

When: Sunday, 23rd Sept

A team event for Teams of 4, any gender or combination of genders.
Starts with a 4-5k Obstacle Course run with your team.
Followed by our infamous “Lungbuster 600″, run as a relay with your team, just 600metres and 15 obstacles.
Capped off with our new “Armburner” obstacle circuit, this will be approximately 75 metres and include our Compound Rig

You can run it for the fun of it or, if you have a competitive streak, this event is for you too. If you’re an individual who wants to join in, we help you to find other team members.

Check out the Facebook event page for footage from last year: TRIAD Facebook Page 2017