Our Outdoor training sessions are designed so you can work at your own fitness level. We are focused on core strength and using correct techniques, with warm up and cool down and stretching all part of our outdoor training sessions.

We don’t use the obstacle course during outdoor training sessions, so there’s no swimming or getting muddy!

Our outdoor sessions involve:  “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT), where you go at your own pace with encouragement from the trainer. We use different types of equipment: tyres, sand bags, kettlebells, pull up bars, rings and , of course, your own body weight.

Then there’s our unique “Obstacle Course Training circuit”. Nowhere else do you get the opportunity to jump, climb, crawl and swing over obstacles to get a full body workout. We also teach you a lot of handy techniques along the way. We use walls, ropes, bars, boxes, deadballs, sandbags and whatever else we can dream up to put in your way to make sure you leave this session feeling like you’ve had a good workout while having plenty of fun. One of the side effects – you will get stronger.

The “Running faster sessions go for an hour and are all run from the Hastings foreshore, meeting at the skate park. If you want to improve your running, strengthen your legs and core, then this is definitely the training for you. Great for general fitness or if you want to improve your performance on the footy field, tennis court, soccer pitch or just about any sport!

Ninja Warrior Training is all about agility, balance and upper body strength and endurance. We have obstacles similar to “Ninja Warrior” that you may have seen on TV. With the new “Australian Ninja Warrior” show coming to TV soon, those who’d like to try and be part of that or just want a unique, challenging training experience will get a lot out of this.

For our outdoor training, we do have a dry, sheltered area, should the rain come. Both the outdoor and indoor areas’s are well lit, so training in the evening or early in the morning is no problem!

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
6.30am Outdoor Training Outdoor Training Outdoor Training
9.30am Circuit Training Circuit Training Circuit Training
10.30am Obstacle and Ninja Training Obstacle and Ninja Training Obstacle and Ninja Training
6.00pm Outdoor Training
6.30pm Running Faster
7.00pm Obstacle Circuit and Ninja Warrior