Weekend Ninja Warrior training:  July 22nd 11am – 12.30pm, July 29th 11am – 12.30 and 3pm -5pm

$25 Bookings a must!

Other important dates coming up: Our Monthly Ninja Warrior Comp Sunday July 30 at 11 am. Only $30 to enter. Ninja stage and OCR stage


Ninja Warrior training on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 10.45am and at 7pm. Also on Friday’s at 10.45am       

Get in quick, the spots are limited, bookings essential!! $20 per session

This is for those who like that extra challenge, Similar to the obstacles you’ll find on Australian Ninja Warrior, we have a circuit of more extreme and taxing obstacles for you to try. Approximately 30 Different obstacles.

We can help with tips for the skills you need to be able to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior!! Or maybe you just like to test yourself and train differently

Obstacles include – Salmon Ladder, Cliffhanger, Spider wall, Cannonball alley, Flying Nunchucks, Ring Toss, Rope Climb plus many more. We do change the obstacles hanging from our rig on a regular basis, just to keep it interesting.

Can you complete all the stages? How long will it take? Our stages include a head to head stage at the moment if you have someone you’d like to challenge…

We recommend a good level of upper body strength to come and do the specific Ninja Warrior training, but we do have other obstacles from the OCR section of our obstacle course that are a fantastic lead in to Ninja Warrior style obstacles. We’re also happy to help you out with specific training to get you in shape for the really tough obstacles!

Group bookings are welcome for the Ninja Warrior course are welcome, minimum numbers start at 5 during the week. Just call to discuss: 0404097734