We have both Ninja and OCR events! Whatever your sport of choice or level of ability, we’ve got an event for you coming up this year.

  • The Compound Team Ninja at The Compound Tuerong – Sunday 19 January 2020.  Details below.
  • TRIAD at The Compound Tuerong – Sunday February 9 2020 Click here to enter
  • The Compound 4 Week Spartan Challenge January 20 2020 to February 13 2020

The Compound Team Ninja – Sunday 19 January 2020 at Tuerong

Click here to enter

It’s going to be fast and furious!
The Last Ninja Competition ever at our outdoor Tuerong venue.
$25 from every entry going to the Bushfire appeal
Full entry fee for spectators will be donated. ($10)
We will be doing other fundraising activities on the day.
BBQ and Drinks available on the day

Teams: Teams must be 3 people and be made up of 2 guys and 1 girl. (we figure this about the ratio of girls to guys competing and training at the moment). Definitely no teams of 3 guys only.

Format: It will be head to head on 2 different courses with different obstacles on each. It will be a round robin event, so you will compete several times against different teams.
Each team will accumulate points as they go along. There will be a finals race between the best 2 teams.

The Courses: One course will be slightly longer where the guys will face off against the guys, girls against girls. It’s a one on one battle. Each team member going against one of the members of the other team.
The second course is a short relay course, end to end. The first Ninja will complete the course and tag in the second who will do the course in reverse, then the third will repeat the course. This will also be head to head.

Rules: You will have time to go on each course prior to competing. There will be time allotted , so everyone gets to practice and get the feel of the obstacles. rules for the obstacles will be explained on the day. Be ready for a quick upper body blast.

Cost will be $50 per team member
Spectators welcome – $10