The Last Ever TRIAD at The Compound Tuerong will be Sunday 9 February 2020.

Don’t miss our LAST TRIAD!

Tickets on sale now!
Now $85 per person.  Click here to register.

T.R.I.A.D. Three Races In A Day – at The Compound Tuerong
A team event for Teams of 4, any gender or combination of genders.
Starts with a 4-5k Obstacle Course run with your team.
Followed by our infamous “Lungbuster 600”, this time broken up and run as a relay, just 600 metres and 15 obstacles.
Capped off with our new “Armburner” obstacle circuit, this will be less than 75 metres and include our Compound Rig

3 (that’s right THREE) races in a day, a t-shirt, a one of a kind medal, bragging rights, and an opportunity to be part of a totally unique event.

If you haven’t got 3 like-minded friends who are after a brilliant experience, register and let us know via the Facebook event page and we will hook you up with your new best friends for life.

Check out the TRIAD Facebook photo album for all the highlights from 2018 What: T.R.I.A.D. Three Races In A Day – at The Compound When:  Sunday 9 February 2020   2018 video thanks to Errol X