Indoor Facility - 26/172 Canterbury Road, Bayswater

Our indoor facility in Bayswater caters for ninja warrior training, strength and HIIT training, kids parties, group bookings, and much more!

Outdoor Facility - 80 Hunts Road, Tuerong!

Our outdoor facility down in Peninsula caters for Ninja Warrior training, group strength training, and has a full length outdoor obstacle course, perfect for OCR training!

Ninja Warrior Training!

Between both venues, we have almost 60 Ninja classes weekly, catering to ALL levels of skill!

Obstacle Training

Rope climb, Fortress, Deadball carry, Spear throw, Rope traverse,Dragons Back and many more!

Kids Ninja Training

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 7 Years plus!

Spartan Race Training

Get ready for your first obstacle race or get better for your 10th!

Try out our HIIT training!

We specialise in functional indoor and outdoor training

We now have 2 Venues!

A complete indoor venue in Bayswater, offering circuit training, Ninja Warrior Training, Obstacle training, Kids Ninja and parties.

Our outdoor Tuerong venue has circuit training, Ninja Warrior training, Obstacle training and a 5km Obstacle course.

Memberships are available and give you access to both venues – $40 p/w for unlimited classes!

At both of our venues, we have Ninja Warrior Training sessions that are all about learning how to attack different types of advanced obstacles in a fun environment. We can help beginners through to advanced athletes who need a real upper body challenge. We do recommend a reasonable level of fitness if you want to get the most out of this. If you’re concerned about your abilities, start with our Obstacle Training Circuit classes. The aim of this session is to challenge your upper body, grip strength, agility and balance. Sessions are from $25 or look at our $40 per week Foundation memberships, which give you unlimited sessions at both Bayswater and Tuerong.

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We have competitions year-round! Ninja, OCR – you name it, we’re doing it. Have a look at the events tab to find the next one that suits you. We hold events at both our Tuerong and our Bayswater venue, and the vast majority cater for all skill levels. We pride ourselves on our competitions being inclusive, friendly, accessible, and above all else – fun!

Outdoor Training
(Maximum 15 people)

Our Circuit training sessions are designed so you can work at your own fitness level. We are focused on core strength and using correct techniques, with warm up, cool down and stretching in all of our training sessions.  They involve High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), where you go at your own pace with encouragement from the trainer. We use different types of equipment: tyres, sand bags, kettlebells, pull up bars, rings, your own body weight. We also add in the occasional obstacle to change things up! All outdoors at Tuerong and  indoors at Bayswater.

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The Obstacle Course is a perfect training ground for any fitness level whether you’re doing your first Tough Mudder and want Tough Mudder Training or maybe Spartan Race training. It’s great for those seasoned racers who want to get through obstacles faster and improve their obstacle race fitness. We can also teach you how to climb and traverse ropes, scale walls, jump fences, cross monkey bars, traverse walls and many other obstacles. Our aim is to show you the most efficient ways of doing the obstacles!

If staying dry while doing obstacles is your thing, we offer obstacle training and obstacle circuits at both Bayswater and Tuerong.

Group bookings and Teambuilding – give us a call!