What is HROX?

HYROX is a fitness sport that combines running and functional workouts. The format is always the same wherever you go in the world.
Not unlike marathons or long distance triathlons, the start line includes professional racers and everyday athletes, all there to immerse themselves in an amazing atmosphere and push themselves to find their limits.
You’ll find exercises like Rowing, Ski Erg, Sled Pushes and Pulls, Burpees, Wall Balls, and more!
The World Record is 54 minutes, most take 90 minutes and some take 3+ hours. But all become part of the #HYSOCIETY as this is the fitness race for everybody.
To find out more about HYROX Including the full race format. Check out their website.

HYROX Classes at The Compound

The Compound HYROX training class is a full body workout that uses core exercise from the HYROX race.

Whether your training for your next fitness race or just looking for a fun way to get fit, Try our HYROX Class today!