Australian Ninja Warrior

The Compound is home to many competitors of Australian Ninja Warrior!

Then there’s many others who come to The Compound in their final preparation for the show.

3 of our Ninja Coaches made the highlights in the 2020 Austalian Ninja Warrior Heats:

  • Clem Vertigan (The oldest competitor to get up the warped wall in Australian Ninja Warrior)
  • James Sawyers (Ninja Twitch) a Ninja Warrior returnee with Tourettes syndrome, he is known within the Ninja community & an inspirational ambassador for Tourettes.
  • Sarah Blackmore, one of only 8 females to reach the semi finals!!

Some of The Compound family include Ashlin (Flashlin) Herbert, Barefoot Ninja Daniel Mason, Charlie Robbins (Winner of Australian Ninja Warrior Season 3), Zac Stolz, Troy (Dirt) Cullen, Georgia Bonora, Steve Taylor-Madin (Monkey Steve), Jake Baker, Dee Thompson, Janelle Zanatta, Chris Poppleton, Marty Orchard, Matt Marazita, Ben Davies, Harry Cole, Amy Reynolds, Sarah Wyllie, Mel Armstrong

Check out below for some of their ANW Heat runs.

The official Australian Ninja Warrior site can be viewed at

Here you can find out more about the competing ninjas, latest news & all the episodes (including the unseen)! Also Check out the semi Final and Finals runs!

Australian Ninja Warrior season 4 heats