Our final monthly competition for 2022 went ahead on Sunday the 27th of November. We closed out the season with a thrilling and fast paced head to head course with our fastest competitor, Zak Stolz tearing up the course in just 39 seconds!

Check out the link below to see the results and times of this months competitors, and stay tuned for a wrap up of the 2022 season!



August’s monthly adult’s competition went ahead last Sunday, with a field of rookies, ninjas and elites taking to this months course.

This course proved a challenge with only 2 finishers, one from a first time competitor in the rookies – Beck Gaucci, and one in the elites – Dan Mason.

For a full breakdown of the day, and some awesome photos, click the gallery below to head over to our friends at Live Breathe Ride. 

For all results and standings, check out the results below.



A huge weekend of competitions was capped off with the youth qualifiers for the Ninja Challenge League. Kids competed in 4 different age categories to try and qualify for the Ninja Challenge League finals taking place at The Compound Seaford in late September.

There’s still a few Victorian  Youth qualifiers left so be sure to check out the schedule on the NCL website to find the next one near you, and click below to see the full results for each age group.



The 3rd Victorian qualifier for the Ninja Challenge League was a challenging endurance course, with a tricky balance obstacle right in the middle of it. Never the less, 13 of our 34 competitors managed to pull off a perfect run and complete the course, with the 10 Males and 3 Females qualifying to compete at the NCL Finals, this October at The Compound.

There’s now just one Victorian qualifier left before the finals, for all information on competition times and locations, head to the NCL website

To see some great photos, click the link below to see the gallery at Live Breathe Ride. For full results, click the results page.


July’s monthly adults comp went ahead on the 31’st, and we had a great turn out of ninjas in each of our rookie, ninja, and elite categories.

This months competition was held in a head to head format, with ninjas racing alongside other ninjas in order to get the fastest time on the course. To see some great some great photos and breakdown of the event, click the gallery below and head over to our friends at live breath ride.


Our 3rd kids ninja competition was held this July, it was great to see many so many new faces giving their all in their first ever competitions! All our kids competitions are run in 4 age groups, if you’re interested in entering, stay tuned to our website and socials for the next date!

Click through below to see the results for this months comp.


The Compound Training had the pleasure of hosting this years second Victorian qualifier for the Ninja Challenge League this June. Where ninjas from across the state compete to earn a spot in the Finals, which we’ll also be hosting later this year.

For a write up about the day and some amazing photo’s, check out the gallery over at Live Breathe Ride (Click below).

If you’re interested in the Ninja Challenge League, be sure to check out their schedule to see their upcoming qualifiers, including another one at The Compound on the  14th of August!


Our 3rd monthly comp for the year went ahead on Saturday the 28th. This time with two divisions, a Ninja and an Elite. This months course was all about endurance with only 1 athlete completing the Ninja course and 2 completing the elite course.

For a great post on how the competition went and some amazing photos, check out our friends at Live Breathe Ride and don’t forget to book your spot for our next monthly competition on Sunday June 26th!


Our second kids ninja competition for the year went head on May 22nd. The comp ran in 4 different age groups and we were so proud to see each kid go out and try their best!

Click below to see the leader board and results from each of our age groups, and stay tuned for our next kids comp!


Ninjas travelled from across the country to participate in the first State Vs State competition in 3 years. Normally a Queensland held event, The Compound was lucky enough to hold this unique competition where teams of ninjas go head to head in a variety of events.

Click below to check out the results or to find out more about the event and view the amazing photo gallery from our friends at Live Breathe Ride.